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ACM believes that education is a fundamental right that should be provided for everyone . Unfortunately, in poor and isolated areas of Haiti, education faces many obstacles  such as geographic barriers, low income and ignorance.


To overcome these obstacles, the ACM , with the support of SOSAKA INC. and donors, helps the children of Leroux-Cachiman  to acquire the bread of education so that they create a place in society.

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Access to nutritious meals and food hygiene is a major problem in Haiti , especially among children in rural areas. In the spring of 2018, three members of the ACM visited the premises and observed hungry and sleepy children lying on their desks to listen to their teacher.


The majority of these students do not get breakfast at home . Therefore, the ACM is committed to working with its Montreal partners, in  especially the  Métamorphose Développement Foundation, SOSAKA INC.  and other donors, to improve this situation. A hot meal or alternating lunch service is offered to students on school days to make up for their nutritional deficiency and at the same time stimulate their academic learning.

​​ Like education, health occupies a preponderant place in any society for sustainable development. Given the level of poverty in the community, children become very vulnerable in terms of health. Some signs and symptoms of scabies, pediculosis, psoriasis, malnutrition, anemia, gastrointestinal disturbances and others are very noticeable.


The ACM, with the help of SOSAKA INC. and donors , runs periodic health clinics to improve the health of toddlers attending school. This service could be extended to all students and even to the entire community if financial conditions improve.

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In these underprivileged areas, families are generally very young. In Leroux-Cachiman, they are around 16 to 25 years old and 95% are illiterate. These young adults isolate themselves and consider themselves incapable of integrating adequately into society.


Given their young age, the ACM, supported by Saint-Martial Foundation seeks to enhance their potential by providing them with a literacy program to teach them the basics of reading, writing and mathematics . These skills will allow them to function better in society, to achieve personal goals and to perfect their knowledge for better autonomy.

In January 2020, a new project was launched: the implementation of the Fonkozé organization's micro-credit program for a few women in the village. The latter periodically benefit from training in basic management concepts by an agent. This initiative will strengthen their skills in taking care of their small businesses in order to be able to better meet the needs of their families.


ACM disbursed the minimum down payment required for each woman and Fonkozé lent them an amount with a low monthly interest rate. The capital can increase every six months if the beneficiary demonstrates good management.

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