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​​Following its taking charge of the Boisrond-Tonnerre School in 2013, ACM raised the funds to construct a bamboo shelter that would serve as their new school building allowing the students to be sheltered from bad weather. Previously, the children had been learning in an open-air setting.

In 2014, thanks to funds raised during the “Pirates of the Caribbean” fundraiser dinner, a latrine (dry toilet) was set up on the school grounds.  

Unfortunately, in 2016, with the passage of Hurricane Matthew, the shelter was destroyed. However, ACM was already thinking of how to improve this situation...

In the fall of 2016, following the destruction of the shelter, parents and teachers raised concerns about the declining conditions in which the children were learning. With funds running out, ACM decided to form an events committee to plan the "All-White Party" dinner-dance fundraiser. Thanks to the funds raised from this event and the participation of the local villagers, the construction of a school (including four classrooms and an administrative office) began in September 2016. Although unfinished and lacking in space, the school replaced the shelter as a more solid structure, allowing the students and staff to have a roof over their heads.

ACM recognizes the invaluable collaboration of the Montreal-based organization CENTRECH (Carrefour d'Entraide et de Retrouvailles du Cap-Haïtien)  that furnished the classrooms with blackboards and furniture.

L_eau jaillit à Cachiman_edited.jpg

Some remote communities do not have access to a reliable source of drinking water. This has a deep impact on the health of nearby communities.


In 2019, ACM provided drinking water to children and villagers in the sector through an artesian well. This initiative has already had a positive impact on the students' health. According to reports of the health clinics, gastrointestinal disorders amongst the students have decreased significantly.

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